Sunday, July 18, 2010


Went to this beautiful really old antique shop in Carmarthen, clothes furniture books vynils and most of it was jewlery, got a lovely maxi-skirt, a leather clutch and a locket from the 50's, some of the lockets even had world war II pictures of soldiers inside them.. they also had loads of real cameos which were lovely. xx


Anonymous said...

Que bonitas fotos mau.

M.F.R said...

Maureen...están increíbles TODAS tus fotos. :)
Y paaaaf, ese lugar está tan lindo! cuando regreses vamos a la lagunilla, NOT THE SAME, pero encuentras varias cosas lindas! vamos!

-M. F. R

M.F.R said...
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iSsejOlreM said...

Esta Genial! Los dijes Puff!!
Y el sillon rojo i love it!